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➡️ Dictators, to gain total unquestioned control over entire nations

➡️ Cult Leaders, to separate people from their families and careers


Though so many have used this for evil, today, we’re going to use it for good.


We’re going to use it to redirect your brain. 


You’re going to “switch sides” from an undisciplined, unmotivated life…to one in which you love to work, and never have trouble sticking to a strict daily routine.


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Imagine sitting down at your desk each morning, 6 am sharp, desperate to work. 




  • Never having to force yourself to get started on your work.  
  • Never missing another deadline.  
  • Getting all your work done before noon so you can focus on side businesses. 
  • Having projects complete weeks or months in advance. 


The strategies found inside Get Your Self Together are proven to be capable of achieving exactly that: true, effortless discipline. 


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About This Newsletter

A Letter From Our Author

Dear Visitor...


Hi, this is Doug, the author of Get Your Self Together


I became obsessed with the skill of self-discipline because it's the skill that saved my life.


When I was in my teens and early twenties I was a mess, mentally and physically. I had no professional prospects, zero connection with the outside world, and I was spiraling deeper and deeper out of control. 


I was on the fast track to poverty and early death.


But then I discovered the skill of self-discipline, after which I:


➡️ Lost over 100 pounds...

➡️ Went from sedentary to a highly active lifestyle, lifting heavy weights and training as a boxer

➡️ Went from a failing college student to the Dean's List...

➡️ Went from below the poverty line, in a dead-end job, to earning over $400,000 in a single year


➡️  Gained a large network of deep, life-long relationships with people I care about


I now wake up each morning, desperate to work. I am in excellent physical condition. I love sitting for hours and hours, performing tasks most people would consider “boring”. I never have trouble meeting deadlines or coming up with new ideas.  


What's strange is even though my life now is full of much more STRUGGLE than ever, I am also far happier than ever.


What happened?


I Wasn't Broken...I Just Never Learned The Skill of Self-Discipline


When I was struggling, I was intelligent. I was ambitious. But when it came to getting work done, I felt like I was gasping for air, and constantly failing.


This continued for many years. And it nearly killed me. 


What I wish I realized sooner was:


My core problem wasn’t mental illness or "bad luck”. 


I didn't need drugs to fix it.


As I now understand, decades later, the problem I was suffering was a common one, and one that is 100% reversible:


I never learned or practiced the skill of self-discipline. 


To take an example from my hobby of boxing...


Imagine someone who can punch incredibly hard, harder than anyone else on earth, but is otherwise untrained. Put him in the boxing ring against even a mediocre boxer and he'll be knocked out in seconds. 


That's what it's like to be smart and ambitious but have no clear plan for how to apply it. 


You can have all the "smarts" in the world. They're useless if you don't know what to do with them.


I had no idea what it took to become a “disciplined” person—I assumed it was genetic. And out of reach for me. 


In reality, discipline is simply a skill, like any other, that can be learned, taught, and practiced. Figuring that out is the single most important discovery of my life. 


Growth is possible. Achieving high discipline and motivation is possible. It is possible to lead a life in which you love working, barely have to think about getting your tasks done, and have all the time you need to do everything you want to do


This newsletter is going to show you precisely how to achieve this. 


➡️ You might be completely lost and hopeless, like I was as a young man. 


➡️ You might be doing OK, but feel like you’re spiraling—like work is pulling teeth. This is how I felt as a young professional. 


➡️ You might be doing relatively well, but want to maximize your focus and performance. 


These are all great reasons to read Get Your Self Together


I hope the lessons in this newsletter can impact your life as much as they've impacted mine.


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